Smart Sanitizer Mobile App Features

100% Free App Download
IOS/ Android/Web Based
User Friendly
Apple Store
Google Play
Remote Ad Upload (Individual or Grouping)
Automated Ad Tracking
Ad Cost Analysis Reporting
Custom User Admin Panel
In App Messaging
Admin Role Setting
Unlimited Users
Sales Tracking
Auto Low Sanitizer Level Notifications
Full Data Analytics
Temperature Reading and Tracing
Customer Ad Interaction
Ad Downloading and Sharing
Kiosk Interaction Count
Covid-19 Data Screening and Sharing
Employee timestamp digital interaction
Employee hourly work/holiday schedules
Auto late or no-show notifications
Report sharing

The Smart Sanitizer Mobile App is a Profit Center

Let Smart Sanitizer App do the work for you and keep you informed of all the profits made. The more advertisements placed by vendors, the more revenue you will generate. The Smart Sanitizer App was designed to simplify the workload and manage large amounts of vendors, advertisements, and data from the office or remotely. The Smart Sanitizer App provides users remote access to easily upload advertisements, keeping track of all aspects of the advertising programs. It’s easy! No experience is necessary.

Each Admin User will have a Super Admin Panel to control all aspects of the App and set roles to users. Admin or Vendors can upload multiple ads. All advertising will require simple Admin approval.

To ensure ads are maximizing viewer count we provide a QR code to scan and watch all ads at a later date with an option to share with friends and family. This allows advertisements to be viewed all around your city and the world with just one click! We want to drive new customers to your establishment.



Wait… Our Mobile App does more!

Smart Sanitizer also manages Temperature Tracing which is critical in today’s environment. We can provide data letting our customers know if hot spots are starting to form. This allows ample time to make adjustments in procedures. The key is keeping employee’s and customer’s safety at the forefront and making a difference in the world as we know it today.

Our Mobile App also provides a complete employee Covid-19 questionnaire for every user, with Pass or Fail notifications sent to Admin. Full authentication for each form is provided.

We also offer Digital Time Card and Work Scheduling Features. Custom codes are provided to ensure the authentication accuracy of users. All data is stored and can be viewed at any time or date range.

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