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Midtown Loft and Terrace:

My wife and I had our wedding at Midtown Loft earlier this year. We had a wonderful experience and highly recommend the venue for any couple looking for a truly NYC wedding experience. They made our whole party feel safe and comfortable throughout our reception and ceremony. They had a new product called Smart Sanitizer. It took everyones temperature and sanitized their hands and belongings, definitely was a nice touch. Our guests also had a great time using their Photo Booth. Thank you for a great experience!


Justin Ashley :

I love our Smart Sanitizer. As a professional race car driver, my team and I are greeted by thousands of fans across the country every weekend. We use a Smart Sanitizer kiosk at every race. Fans are constantly using the kiosk and intrigued by the pronounced appearance & LED Screen advertising. Smart Sanitizer has found the perfect way to keep consumers safe and provide businesses like mine with the opportunity to make money. The perfect combination!

Ozark Amphitheater :

The pandemic has presented many challenges for every business, however live event venues have particularly suffered. We were fortunate to implement many different safety measures as we reopened. We have partnered with Smart Sanitizer to make sure all employees and patrons are safe. Smart Sanitizer is a kiosk that sanitizes hands, personal items and takes a body temperature. It has helped us reopen safely and I’m very grateful for them helping us out. We have multiple kiosks for both the bands backstage, employees and patrons. We look forward to more shows over the fall. Our first priority is keeping everyone safe, while also having a blast listening to great music. See you soon at the Ozarks Amphitheater! Tom Abbett