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Viruses and germs are everywhere, protect what matters most.

Take matters into your own hands and sanitize.

We offer a complete sanitizing solution for personal use.  This stunning unit can fit anywhere without taking too much space to keep you protected against deadly diseases. It is ideal for homes, offices, break rooms, hotel rooms, countertops, and more.

The primary job of this unit is to sanitize hands and record body temperature of people who visit your home or office. By doing so, it makes both you and the environment safe for everyone.

Just by doing those two things, the environment is immediately safer for all.

Safety is our concern and should be yours.

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Shoe Sanitizer

Are you worried about your friends or colleagues bringing germs into your place? Stop worrying because our Shoe Sanitizer can keep your place protected all the time. Place it next to your commercial sanitizer or use it as a standalone, the UV lighting will sanitize your entire shoe and make sure it’s disinfected to avoid the spread of germs.

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Our Shoe Sanitizer disinfects both the top and the bottom of your shoes. As people cough, sneeze or just walk around germs can be spread from one location to another.

Let our Shoe Sanitizer keep you safer.  It’s a simple process, just stand on the designer platform and let the safe UV lighting do its job, killing 99.9% of the germs.  Medical News Daily states that viruses can live on shoes for several hours, making disinfecting your shoes a top priority for everyone.

Are you ready to make your home or office a safer place for family, friends and associates?

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Shoe Sanitizer comes with a set of replaceable sanitizer mats.  In the pinch just place one over the top and your’re good to go.  This ensures cleanliness and perfection.

At Smart Sanitizer we have covered sanitizing you from head to toe.  We will continue to strive to keep everyone safer.  We are doing our part… now it’s time to do your’s. 

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