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Smart Sanitizer is ready to take on the challenges that face us daily. Ensuring your customers, employees, clients, and associates safety, while making consistent monthly profits!

Smart Sanitizer combines sophisticated technology, with innovative digital advertising revenue, creating a huge profit center and further separating us from other old-style sanitizers.

Come out of the dark ages and into the light. Let’s make this world a brighter and cleaner environment together.

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Commercial Units

These units feature 22” LED screen along with UV lighting to sanitize mobile phones, keys, and wallets. Moreover, they are ideal to sanitize hands in commercial places.

In today’s world where everyone is worried about their safety, these units offer a reliable solution to stay safe from COVID 19 and other fatal diseases.

Additional Revenue Source

Our commercial hand sanitizer units offer you an additional revenue source by playing ads. As we discussed already, the commercial units feature 22” LED. Your vendors can play ads on the screen by paying you a fee to reach out to their customers. This gives a boost to your business while also keeping everyone around you safe.

QR Code

Smart Scanner gives you the freedom to download all the ads using a QR Code and play or share them whenever you want. This seamlessly conveys your brand’s message to a wider audience and drives new customers to your business which ultimately takes it to the next level.



Tiered Pricing Program

This program allows us and our partners to make this world a safer place. Moreover, it gives us an opportunity to educate less informed people. We have multiple tiered pricing programs available and offer best discounts to companies who buy Smart Sanitizer the most.


One of the most attractive features of our commercial units is that they are fully customizable for adding company logos and graphics. This provides your brand with an effective mode of advertising to boost sales.

Quality Construction

Smart Sanitizer features quality construction and fulfills all US certified safety and application standards. This makes it an ideal machine for both indoor and outdoor use.

Temperature Scanning

The temperature scanning feature allows you to monitor your employees’ or customers’ health as they enter the building. This gives you greater control over everyone’s safety in the building.


Proprietary Mobile App

Smart Sanitizer’s proprietary mobile app is free to download to give you greater control over data, advertising, and analytics. To discover more information about the app, please click the button below.

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Smart Sanitizer comes 4 different options

Smart Sanitizer making a statement!

Features, Features and more Features

Advertising Portal

Place your own print signage in framed topper with 4 cool light up colors.

Body Temperature Check

Body Temperature is displayed and recorded by scanning forehead. High temperatures will be recorded through the Smart Sanitizer App to trace possible illnesses.

Digital Advertising

Smart Sanitizers 22 inch LED Screen is fully customizable with remote uploads, through the Smart Sanitizer App.  Increase product exposure turning the Smart Sanitizer into an ongoing profit center.

Disinfectant Usage

Easily monitor how many people used Smart Sanitizer. Number of uses is displayed on meter and provide beneficial analytics.

Hand Disinfectant Section

Disinfect hands with a single spray of our hospital grade liquid hand sanitizer. Eliminating 99.9% of germs immediately, reducing risk of viral transmission. 70% Ethyl Alcohol.  Quick dry, non-sticky Lavender & Herbs fragrance.

UV Disinfectant Section

Smart Sanitizer Safely disinfects personal items such as cell phones, wallets and keys in 15 seconds using UltraViolet Light.  Kiosk has auto on/off safty measure

Logo Area

Customizable in 4 different locations include your companies logo and graphics, making Smart Sanitizer your truly your own.  Full custom wraps available upon request.

Mask are required and are a necessity.  We offer a great location to ensure vistors are following protocol.  Our masks come in a varity of colors with or without designs and easy to load.  50 disposible masks per box.

To drive additional business to accounts or advertisers, we provide a QR code that will allow customers to scan and watch or share ads at your convenience.  It’s simple… just click on the ad you want to watch and share, thats it. 

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Something Else Setting Us Apart


Each sanitizer unit is fully customizable for adding company graphics and logos to make the Smart Sanitizer their own

Quality Construction

The Smart Sanitizer is made with state of the art quality craftsmanship.  Smart Sanitizer is US certified and exceeds all safety & application standards.

Learn about our residential devices and rental programs

If our commercial program doesn’t fit as an option for you, don’t worry!  We have something for everyone.  Our mission is to provide a solution for all situations.  With our residential products you can feel comfortable that Smart Sanitizer is making your enviorment a little safer. 

Check it out!

These gorgeous looking residential hand sanitizer units feature full-size hand sanitizer, temperature tracing, and Bluetooth music to keep you entertained while also providing supreme protection to you and your family.

Still looking… Have a big event?  Smart Sanitizer is here to help.  With our unique rental program you can rest at ease knowing you are doing your part to keep everyone safer.  We have a program for you.