About Smart Sanitizer

Stay Smart, Stay Safe… Get Smart Sanitizer Today!

Smart Sanitizer is beneficial for any business, for both today and tomorrow. Its sophisticated and elegant presence gives your business a permanent disinfect solution. What great PR Smart Sanitizer brings to the table showing your employees and customers that keeping them safe is not a temporary answer, but a lifelong commitment.

COVID 19 is showing no signs of stopping and people are forced to search for ways to stay protected. Amidst this chaos, Smart Sanitizer has proven to be a breath of fresh air for business owners with its smart technology.

An amazing thing about using Smart Sanitizer is that it shows your clients and employees that you are doing everything you can to make a difference during the pandemic. Besides the incredible multiple disinfectant options, Smart Sanitizer also has a revenue generation system.  Smart Sanitizer is the only solution your company needs to stay ahead in this pandemic-stricken world.

Check out our Proprietary Mobile App for many cool features allowing you to operate and generate revenue from anywhere. Smart Sanitizer has created quite the buzz around the world with its usability and effectiveness. Recently it has earned us the Twice Picks Award at this year’s CES show!

We offer Smart Sanitizer in 3 categories covering every need.

Commercial Units | Residential Units | Rental Units 



Why Us?

Smart Sanitizer makes maintaining a germ-free environment easy with its unique technology. Moreover, it’s affordable and offers a range of unrivaled benefits. Here are some of the reasons which make Smart Sanitizer an ideal fit for both residential and commercial places:

Perfect for Events

During an event, people want to think less about their hygiene and more about having fun. Using Smart Sanitizer at your next event will give them this freedom. It helps stop the spread of germs and offers people an easy way to get the cleanliness they deserve.

Saves Children from Germs

Kids can be reckless and pass germs to each other, which ultimately makes them and their parents fall sick. To minimize the possibility of this happening, use Smart Sanitizer in their playing area. It is a fast and easy method to reduce the spread of germs in children and makes their playing time more fun for everyone.

Improves Job Safety

When working, employees want to be sure that they are protected from germs. Germs can live in the unlikeliest places and transfer from one employee to another quickly. Having Smart Sanitizer at the workplace can reduce the spread of harmful bacteria between co-workers, thus saving them from many diseases.

Delivers a Standard Dose

A great perk of using Smart Sanitizer is that it provides an amount which is enough to sanitize both hands. This way, there is minimum to no wastage and you can stay protected against infections for longer periods.

Hot or Cold don’t you want to know

Temperature Tracing is essential in todays environment.  Know if employees or customers are hot or cold before entering any establishment with an accurate temperature reading and get notification instantly sent to those in charge.  Information is powerful and Smart Sanitizer provides a highly sophisticated approach in providing all the analytics necessary to keep everyone safe.

Not just a sanitizer but a profit center

Smart Sanitizer pays for itself by generating revenue for you business.  Play ads on the Smart Sanitizer and let the money roll in.  It’s That Simple!

Smart Sanitizer at work for you

With our distinctive QR code placed on every commercial and residential machine the Smart Sanitizer provides customers to view and share ads at there leisure.  Everyone has an opportunity to watch and select ads to share with friends driving customers to your establishment.

Smart Sanitizer goes custom

Smart Sanitizer comes with your logos placed for free in 3 eye catching locations.  Want more? Smart Sanitizer has what you want and ask us for details on our full custom kiosk wraps.

Smart Sanitizer is a driving force.  Get your today!

Mission Statement

At Smart Sanitizer it’s not employer VS employee. We are all in this together with one common goal to succeed! We have created a culture at Smart Sanitizer where everyone is dedicated to meet the challenges ahead.

We aim to create a germ-free environment at homes, commercial places, and public events with Smart Sanitizer.  We blend our creative products with our financial expertise to give you an additional source of comfort.

We are committed to helping everyone stay safe during these hard times and will not stop until all our goals are achieved.  Our company firmly believes that sanitizing isn’t expensive but it’s priceless.  At the end of the day, safety is our concern.

Life is in your hands one spray at a time.