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About Us

Mission Statement

Smart Sanitizer kiosks are essential for any business. It’s a sophisticated and elegant presence that gives your business a permanent sanitizing solution. The Smart Sanitizer kiosk shows your employees and customers that keeping them safe is not a temporary answer, but a commitment to their safety.

About Us / Who are we?

Smart Sanitizer is an innovative Digital Out of Home Advertising and personal sanitation kiosk for retail locations. We offer the most sophisticated and customizable wellness center kiosk that allows you to directly engage with customers.

About The Smart Sanitizer:

  • Each kiosk offers touchless hand sanitizer with up to 7000 applications.
  • A UV Light chamber for disinfecting personal items such as smartphones, wallets, etc.
  • A state-of-the-art body temperature reader with a contactless Temperature Sensor. 
  • A 22-inch LED Screen that can be used as a new medium for Digital Out of Home Advertising. Screen can also be used to display announcements, instructions, or any content your business requires.


How many customers can sanitize their hands before it runs out?

The Smart Sanitizer Kiosk can service up to 7000 customers before needing to be replenished.

How does the UV sanitizer work?

The UV light sanitizer is touchless and fully automated. All the customer does is place the item that they want sanitized (phone, wallet, etc.) in the UV compartment. The UV sanitizer is motion activated and will automatically start. When the customer places their item in the UV chamber the light will switch from green to blue. After 15 seconds the light will switch back to blue, and the item is sanitized.

How does the Temperature reader work?

All the customers have to do is hold their wrist about 2 inches away from the front of the scanner. Their temperature will be immediately taken and displayed on the small digital readout next to scanner.

Do you offer co-branding or full branding opportunities on the kiosk(s)?

Yes, if you want to co-brand or fully brand the kiosks that opportunity is available.

Marketing Relationships:

Justin Ashley Racing:

We are thrilled to be partnering with folks at Justin Ashley Racing. We could not have asked for a betted relationship with Justin and his team. Justin is the youngest driver competing in the NHRA Top Fuel Dragster category this year and is coming off the NHRA Rookie of the Year Award in 2020. Our relationship with Justin Ashley Racing is very important to us and we look forward to working with them for years to come. Additionally, we are very excited to continue getting to know the NHRA community and look forward to forging new relationships going forward.



Different LED color options