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The Smart Sanitizer

Is your current sanitizer not delivering the best results? Are you searching for a proven way to fight COVID 19 or other viruses? Do you want to earn money while also staying protected against germs? If yes, then please contact us to obtain Smart Sanitizer which is the best sanitizer solution for people as well as items such as phone, wallet, keys, etc.

We believe by utilizing Smart Sanitizer, your local communities and the world will be significantly better protected, cleaner and worry free. With all the challenges we are facing in today’s world, you can make a difference.

Be part of the solution and sanitize.

Has the current pandemic taught us anything?

We think it has.  The safer we are, the better we feel

What if safety for your customers and employees could also bring you consistent monthly profits?

Smart Sanitizer does just that… Sanitize to stay safe while customers are watching ads that generates revenue.

Are you ready for an additional revenue source and a superior sanitizing station?

Of course you are!  We know you take both revenue and safety seriously and we have the solution for you!


Brands Currently Using Smart Sanitizer

Stay Protected and Earn Profits

Personal hygiene is the gateway to a healthy life.  One of the best ways to maintain good hygiene is using The Smart Sanitizer.  We offer our customers the priceless value of safety and peace of mind in an uncertain world. Through multiple disinfecting options, Smart Sanitizer ensures the most hygienic and sanitary environment possible. Personal hygiene is the gateway to a healthy life.

In fact, Smart Sanitizer is more than just a health product. Though its main goal is to keep people protected, it also provides a way to earn revenue on a regular basis.

That’s right… Earn Revenue!

Smart Sanitizer is the best sanitizing solution which also allows you to earn revenue by playing ads. The more ads you play on the screen, the more revenue you generate. This makes it a great solution for companies which are looking for additional revenue sources due to COVID 19.

We have always known the importance of cleanliness, but may have never realized how consequential it has become in our daily habits. Viruses of all types have always been part of our lives and are here to stay, including COVID-19.

Nothing compares to the effectiveness of The Smart Sanitizer.

Unlike other sanitizers in the market, Smart Sanitizer keeps both you and the environment safe. It’s true… the pandemic has completely changed the world. Business, institutions, malls and schools: nothing is the same and we doubt they will ever be.

The only way to adapt to the changes brought by any pandemic is using solutions which help you both financially and health-wise. Luckily, Smart Sanitizer is that solution. It’s affordable, works as promised, and has a long life span.

This current virus pandemic has shown us how deeply connected the world is through its accelerated spread and destruction. Just by sanitizing your hands with our Smart Sanitizer, you are actively making a positive difference and saving lives in your home, workplace, local community, and the world.  Smart Sanitizer is a Smart Solution, for Smart People.

Interested in placing a Smart Sanitizer in your establishment?  

Say Hello to Cleanliness

Smart Sanitizer Solution is the best and a breath of fresh air in the pandemic-stricken world. It features multiple disinfecting options to keep you and the environment protected from the impacts of COVID 19 and other deadly viruses.

According to CDC, the coronavirus can live up to 28 days on different surfaces. Moreover, its chances of leaving your hands are extremely low if you sanitize with a solution less than 60% alcohol.

With Smart Sanitizer, you don’t have to worry about this issue because it contains 70% Ethyl Alcohol and kills 99.99% of germs instantly. Also, it’s laboratory-proven and delivers 100% results!  Our sanitizer solution has a Lavender & Herbs Fragrance with a fast drying – non sticky formula.  Smart Sanitizer Solution is a proprietary product exclusively for our sanitizer.  Get your’s today and say hello to cleanliness.  Feel confident you made the right choice!

Disinfect Your Phone with Smart Sanitizer

The mobile phone is a major contributing factor to the spread of diseases. According to research by USA Today, your phone is 7 times dirtier than your toilet. Now, this is something no one wants to hear. But sadly, it’s the truth.

Consider all the things your hands touch during the day. From coffee makers to kitchen counters and toothbrush holders to pet bowls, everything you touch contains plenty of germs and every time you pick your phone up without sanitizing your hands, it stores those germs on its surface. Later on, these germs can transport into your body to make you sick.

The good news is that Smart Sanitizer can disinfect your smartphone as efficiently as it does your hands. It uses safe ultraviolet light to quickly and meticulously disinfect phones, wallets, keys, and other items which you touch regularly. As a result, you become a healthier and happier version of yourself.

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